Physical Education


Curriculum Intent- PE

At Willen, we aim to provide a P.E. curriculum that is broad, balanced and enjoyable. From Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1, the children’s learning will be based on acquiring and developing the fundamental skills required to be confident in sport. In Key stage 2, the skills learnt from key stage 1 will translate over when the children start to develop even further on the fundamental skills and fine tune their physical literacy to allow them to confidently take part in a wide variety of competitive sports.

This is designed to allow children to develop a wide range of skills and a fulfillment of experiences during their time at Willen. The focus being on the children’s development to their physical literacy, health, fitness, and wellbeing whilst making it an enjoyable and accessible experience for all abilities.
We offer a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities.
At  Willen  we promote physical activity; this is achieved through the variety of clubs offered during and after-school as well as providing 2 P.E. lessons a week and a daily 10-minute Shake Up in which the children participate in a range of physical challenges.

Our ever growing and updated P.E. equipment, along with a fantastic outdoor teaching area, allows us to confidently teach the children the fundamental skills to help them grow, succeed and even excel in sport. Children at Willen are provided the opportunity to become physically and mentally confident with their P.E. learning and are given the opportunity to compete, not just within the school, but against other schools with confidence in themselves and the others around them.