Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our Vision

We want every child to leave Willen Primary School fully prepared for the next stage of their life. We want children to believe in themselves and their potential to make a real difference in the world. Willen Primary School is: ‘A Place Where Everyone Flourishes’ 

Our Curriculum

At Willen Primary school we have a varied and exciting curriculum in which we aim to develop the whole child.  This curriculum enables us to help your child to gain a secure understanding of the world in which they live in and develop their own sense of self. We want learning to be fun and enjoyable so that the children reach their potential and have the opportunity to flourish! We want to build experiences and memories that will stay with the children as they progress both through the school and through their lives.

A running thread throughout our bespoke Curriculum is that of 'people'. This does not mean 'famous people' - but the potential of all human beings to make a positive difference; from inventors to sports personalities, from acts of altruism to activism!

During the mornings (typically) the children have core lessons of Maths and English where they are taught in an engaging and diverse way. The children have the opportunity to learn in a range of different ways including real life maths, and drawing upon 'WOW' events and moments in their English learning.  In addition to this we also develop multiplication skills to ensure quick recall of multiplication and division facts and develop their understanding of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling as well as having engaging and stimulating whole class guided reading sessions. 

Instead of having discrete non core lessons each week, we have grouped subjects together to focus on that topic for a period of one or two weeks as part of our 'Curriculum' programme. This means that the children will be fully immersed in a particular topic for this duration and all of their learning will be around this; really allowing the children to ‘live the topic’ and promoting a depth of understanding. Within these sessions the children have the opportunity to make connections in their learning and work across a range of subjects and skills. All of our curriculum lessons  have a focus on skills which the children will build upon as they move across the school.  We endeavour to make cross curricular links such as writing instructions in English lessons of how to make soup which was taught in a DT lesson; promoting connections and depth of understanding. 

In addition to this at WPS, we believe that education is not all about the 3 R’s. Alongside the wonderful experiences that the children’s families plan for them, we have developed Activity Passports for each year group across the school. The passports are our commitment to enriching the life experiences of the children whilst they are in our care. During the year, we will ensure that the children experience each activity and at the end of the year, the completed passport will be sent home as a memento of the fantastic opportunities they have experienced during their childhood.  These can be found on your child's class page.

We also plan a wide and varied range of enrichment activities to support the cultural capital of the children within their school day including trips and visits, visitors into school and a broad, relevant curriculum.


If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, Mrs Nickson would be happy to help you. Contact her via office@willenprimary.org