Curriculum Intent- Geography

At Willen Primary we believe that:

  • The effective provision of a high quality Geography curriculum, which inspires in our pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, is vital in shaping our children into responsible global citizens.  
  • It is important that every pupil learns to appreciate the wonderful world in which they live and to recognise their role as stewards of their surroundings.
  • In our diverse society, children need, more than ever before, to understand other people and cultures.
  • Pupils must be provided with memorable and meaningful learning experiences and equipped with the knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of places, people, resources, environments and processes in order that they can make sense of the world in which they live.
  • By the time students leave us, they will be well equipped with the skills and knowledge to explore the world around them and will have developed an in-depth knowledge of our community and locality. 

Implementation of Geography

At Willen Primary, our Geography curriculum follows the programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum. Pupils study three Geography units each academic year. Children in all year groups develop their place and locational knowledge, understanding of physical and human geography and geographical and fieldwork skills. Each unit has been carefully selected and mapped out as part of a whole school curriculum to ensure progression of skills and knowledge across and within year groups. The structure, planning and lesson content is then the responsibility of individual teachers.

Where it makes logical sense, units may be linked to other subjects covered by that year group at the same time to promote cross-curricular learning. Strong links between Geography and English are specially planned for in the form of cross-curricular writes.

Units of work are typically delivered in a block with sessions taught consecutively for between 4 and 8 days.   Geography is usually taught by the class teacher.

There is a strong focus on outdoor learning and children make use of the school grounds and surrounding area to develop awareness of their locality. 

Feedback on progress can be made during or after lessons and attainment is recorded with Target Tracker in line with the whole school assessment policy.

Differentiation will mainly be through the level of support each child receives. Generally, children will not be given different activities to complete. This may also be seen through the use of enabling and extending techniques.