School Meals

School Meals

All school meals are provided by Essence Catering.

Letter Introduction

School Meals are ordered via Essence catering Booking forms which are posted in the Red Post Box outside of the main office doors.

Booking forms can be collected from school (main office) or downloaded HERE:

EY Lunch Order Form Summer 1 2021

Y1 Lunch order Form Summer 1 2021

Y2 Lunch Order Form Summer 1 2021

Y3 Lunch Order Form Summer 1 2021

Y4 Lunch Order form Summer 1 2021

Y5 Lunch Order Form Summer 1 2021

Y6 Lunch Order Form Summer 1 2021


EY Lunches SUMMER 2

Y1 Lunches SUMMER 2

Y2 Lunches SUMMER 2

Y3 Lunches SUMMER 2

Y4 Lunches SUMMER 2

Y5 Lunches SUMMER 2

Y6 Lunches SUMMER 2


Should you encounter any problems/questions regarding meals please contact Essence directly : 07584 079011

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 do not currently have to pay for their school meal, as this is funded by the Government. Families are asked to order meals using the forms above regardless. Thank you.

Free School Meals- The Pupil Premium

Families who are in receipt of certain benefits  may be entitled to the Pupil Premium (often called ‘free school meals’). Please contact Miss Warner on 01908 690098 for support or visit our Pupil Premium web-pages.