Curriculum Intent- Music

At Willen Primary we believe that:

  • Music brings communities together through the shared love of music. 
  • All children should access a progressive and diverse music curriculum. 
  • Music lessons should engage and inspire children to develop a love of music and express themselves. 
  • Music lessons should be taught in an inclusive manner for all to achieve and enjoy. 
  • Pupils should build their self-confidence and creativity through music lessons. 
  • Children should have the opportunity to perform regularly; whether this is within their classes, whole school performances, or trips outside of school such as Young Voices.

Implementation of Music

    • Music lessons are taught weekly for 40 minutes. 
    • Children also attend a weekly 15-minute singing assembly. 
    • ‘Musician of the Month’ where children get the opportunity to listen to a range of culturally diverse music from a different musician each month, such as at the beginning of each assembly and through RIC lessons. 
    • All children learn music through the use of Active Music and free flow activities provided in EYFS. The children are taught key vocabulary, focusing on the skills of -rhythm and pulse, pitch, singing and instrumental activities which is built on in each year group. 
    • The curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge that the children acquire through previous learning and units.
    • In KS2, children listen to a range of culturally diverse music through their RIC lessons (Exceeding Reading). This music links to the Musician of the Month. This happens three times a term. The children answer questions using the skill umbrellas to build their understanding of different genres of music. 
    • Opportunities to learn an instrument are given within the school day, as part of lessons or as an extra-curricular activity. 
    • Year 4 receive instrumental lessons through the local music hub. 
    • In term 1 and 2, Year 6 get the opportunity to use iPads to develop their composition skills through lessons provided by the local music hub.