Curriculum Intent- History

At Willen Primary School we believe that History should spark children’s curiosity about the past. We aim to inspire them to develop an interest in and appreciation of human achievement and aspirations. Children will come to know that history is about real people who lived, and real events that happened in the past. They will learn about significant events in history of our own country and the world, and how these events may have influenced our lives today. They will learn about ancient civilisations and how these affected the world we live in now. Children will develop an awareness of people of other countries and will gain understanding, tolerance and respect for traditions and cultures both now and in the past.

At Willen, children will develop a secure knowledge of chronology within which they can organise their understanding of the past. They will understand how the past was different from the present and that people from other times and places may have different values and attitudes to their own. Children will explore methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence and artefacts are used to make historical claims. They will ask perceptive questions, think critically and weigh evidence. They will understand how to distinguish between historical facts and the interpretations of those facts.

During the children’s time at Willen they will gain depth and progression within their learning; for each unit, key knowledge and skills have been identified to ensure progression within each year group within our school. Additionally, cross curricular outcomes in History are specifically planned for, with strong links between History and English lessons so that a wide range of skills can be reinforced. Within our curriculum, the local area and people are fully utilised to achieve the desired outcomes, and this helps the children to develop an understanding of ‘self’ and where they come from.